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Summer Soccer Camps

Elite Skills Academy - Dates coming soon

Over 100 players improve their skills at Elite Skills Academy each year.  Dynamic, high-paced, fun...and just what your player needs to help them be the best they can be. Don't miss this unrivaled opportunity.

Our curriculum is designed to improve each player's technical skill, creativity, confidence, and love of the game. We create a nurturing and positive environment within which our players can learn, grow, and showcase their emerging talents.

Our Academy instructors include former Major League Soccer and Olympic Development Program coaches, a former US Women’s National Team player, several current and former college coaches, former NCAA All-Americans, and over 150 years of combined professional coaching experience.

Sessions include:

  • Move of the Week - players learn feints, feigns, and all the best moves of their favorite players
  • Skill of the Week - players improve how they collect, pass, head (age appropriate), strike, drive, and loft a ball, defend, tackle, throw in, etc. Everyone needs this!
  • Small-sided Games - nothing better than fast, fun, futbol -- and lots of goals
  • "Skills Circle" - fun and entertaining activity during which the players and coaches demonstrate their favorite skills

As a bonus, and since all great players have amazing juggling skills - combining balance, concentration, and skill - we have begun a "juggle club" during ELITE SKILLS ACADEMY.  Through this "juggle club" our players can develop their juggling skills and earn recognition and prizes for their achievements.

Summer Futsal - Dates coming soon

The Summer Futsal program is for competitive players looking to hone their skills.  Games will take place on the weekends with no practices so it will not interfere with any team practice sessions.  It’s also a great time for players to stay engaged and develop skills during team breaks that typically take place in June and or July.  We will also coordinate with team tournaments that take place in June and July.  The format is 4v4 so having 6-7 players per team is ideal.  Similar to our outdoor winter 4v4 Program, the games will consist of two 20 minute halves and scores/standings will not be recorded.  Teams will play without goalies.

Summer Camp - Dates coming soon

Make sure your child attends the most exciting and developmental camp around! The CDA Slammers FC Orange Summer Academy will be full of fun, learning, games, prizes and more!  We offer a safe, healthy and challenging learning environment with professional coaches.  Players are grouped and taught based on age and ability.  

Coach/player ratio -- 1:15
Here are just some of the exciting topics your child will be learning from our fantastic Premier training staff.
  • DRIBBLING -- your child will improve their first touch, increase their comfort with the ball, dribbling speed, moves and deception, ability to turn away from pressure, and beat an opponent off the dribble.  
  • SCORING -- your child will learn "scoring straight", header goals, 2 touch prep and blast, penalty kicks, one touch power shot on a rolling ball, finishing a cross, and more
  • DEFENDING -- your child will learn the proper defensive technique and principles of pressure, cover and individual and team defense.
  • TACTICS -- your child will learn the tactics needed to understand the game and, for our Premier players, execute game plans. 
  • PLAY! -- Each day every player will have the opportunity to execute the topic of each day during the scrimmages part of the camp.  From 11-12 Monday through Thursday we will be scrimmaging and scoring goals.  Coaches will coach and stress the topic of the day and coach a team through that day's topic.
  • FUN!  -- We have Crazy Sock Day, Favorite Jersey Day, World Cup Day and lots and lots of games and contests throughout the week.
Each day will be full of fun, learning, confidence, prizes and more!
We look forward to taking your child to the next level in their soccer development!

Winter Camps - Dates coming soon

Winter Soccer Camp: December 2019

New Year's Camp: January 2020

Players can register for one or both camps. Camp is three days, and three hours each day.  Our camps are designed to be a significant part of our overall club goal to develop distinguished athletes, exemplary students, and upstanding young adults.  

Activities will be challenging and fun and will emphasize skill (dribbling, passing/receiving, finishing, defending), tactical awareness, confidence, determination, sportsmanship, team play, and character development.