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"Signature" is Orange Junior Soccer Club's program for players interested in a higher level of recreational play.  Our teams are well-coached, well-trained and are supported by an entire group of volunteers whose focus is on the development of strong program and player progress and enjoyment.

A couple of key points to consider:

  • Fee for the Fall Signature Program is $500.
  • Signature is a Recreation Program, therefore ALL players must play at least 50% of the game.
  • All coaches will be required to fill out a coaches application, and go through an interview, to be selected to coach in the Signature Program.

Now that you've visited this page and have taken this step to explore whether your child is ready for greater development in their soccer journey, we encourage you to learn more about all of their soccer options -- and specifically, our most popular and acclaimed program for player development, STRIKERS FC ORANGE.  You can learn more by emailing our club director, Kevin Esparza at [email protected]  We encourage anyone interested in player development to attend a team training session.  

Signature is just one of the many programs we have at Orange Junior Soccer Club. We invite you to explore our entire site and learn about how we have a program for every player, all year long!

Fall Signature Teams

Info coming soon!  

Signature Program Update -- Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions regarding player tryouts, team formation, schedule, travel, cost and more.  These questions and answers are specific to OJSC's Signature program.

Thank you for visiting this site and reading this Signature Program update.  If you have any questions regarding the Signature program, the answer can most likely be found here.  Please be sure to review the entire page so that you have all the best information.

Here are dates that every Signature player should have on their calendar.  Please spread the word:
1.  OJSC Signature Camp -- July.  All Signature players should plan to attend this fun and developmental camp which will be tailored by age and skill level.  Teammates are kept together throughout the week.  It is a great opportunity for lots of soccer and team bonding over a four-day period.  All of the information and online registration will is available on our website, under the soccer camps page.  Players should register individually as the cost for camp is not included in the registration fee.
2.  JUSA Friendship Tournament -- TBD.  
3. Local Orange tournament -- August 

What if my child is not selected for a Signature team?  There are certain age groups where we might have more players than we're able to accommodate on one roster but not enough players to form a second team.   The result is one very full roster and a few players that are left off that roster. 

If your child was not selected for a Signature team, we can help determine whether there is an opportunity to "play up" with an older team.  We can also help determine whether our Fall Recreation program is a better fit for your child.  In certain circumstances there are even opportunities to play within the STRIKERS FC ORANGE program. 

The bottom line is that we are committed to identifying the best place for your child to play and working within all of the options we have so that they play at OJSC.

Initial tryouts will be held in late April, when will I know if my child has been selected and when are Fall teams formed?  Teams form immediately following evaluations.  Each team might form on a slightly different timeframe.  For example, certain ages have existing teams with returning coaches.  Those teams tend to form more quickly (i.e., in May) than a brand new team, with a brand new coach (i.e., May/June/July).

As a club, we are always balancing the desire to form teams as early as possible, with the need for parents, coaches and the club to make the best decision for the players as to who is ready and able to make the commitment to participate at this higher level of play.  We have learned that it might take more than one session to make the best decision, not just a quick one.

What if my child missed the tryout?  Missing any tryout at which coaches are going to have an opportunity to evaluate and select players, could have an impact on whether a player is ultimately invited to a Signature team.  This applies equally to players that are new or returning to Signature.

It is challenging to make final players selections based on one short evaluation.  Even those players that are identified as "Signature-ready" based on the initial evaluation will be invited to attend age-specific team training sessions so that an informed decision, both by the coach and the parents can be made.  Those sessions will occur in early late May.  

We will work with each coach to ensure every player is communicated with and that any player not offered a Signature roster spot is aware of their options at OJSC (i.e., our Fall Recreational program).

What is the required time commitment?  Seasonal to Year-round.  During the season attendance and full participation is expected.  Greater commitment is related to greater training and competition and demand for roster positions.  Attendance has a direct relation both to player and team development, as well as, playing time.

What is the season?  Signature is primarily a FALL program.  Fall teams typically train June through mid-December.  Some teams play both Fall and Spring (February through May) seasons.  Players currently trying out are trying out for FALL teams.

For either Fall or Spring, games are typically on Saturday but some Sundays may be scheduled.  Scheduling constraints, weather or tournaments may require games to be played on Sunday.

For the Fall season, expect to play (a) a 10-12 game Fall regular season beginning the weekend after Labor Day; (b) post-season tournaments (1-4 games); and typically, (c) at least two Summer tournaments.

For the Spring season, expect to play a 10-12 game Spring regular season between mid-March and late May.  

How often do teams train? Teams train twice per week with a Signature coach.  Players are encouraged, but not required, to attend additional training sessions offered by STRIKERS FC ORANGE and led by professional trainers.  Information about such sessions will be shared directly with Signature players.

Who are the coaches?  Coaches are volunteers approved by OJSC.  All coaches must maintain appropriate licensure, be in good standing with the club, and meet other requirements as determined by the club.

What is the cost to play Signature?  The registration fee for the FALL season is $500.  A one-time payment of $500 is due on July 1.  More information regarding registration requirements will be shared this month.  

The $500 includes costs for fields, referees, uniforms, insurance, OJSC administrative expenses (e.g., registrar, website, etc.), team/individual pictures, participation in player development opportunities through STRIKERS FC ORANGE, and more.  The fee is a set fee and is not adjusted based on a player's participation in one or more of the activities described above. 

If teams incur additional expenses (i.e., for tournaments, parties, etc.) those must be paid for through fundraising and sponsorship.

How do players earn playing time?  All players must play one half of every game.  This requirement can be modified based on attendance at practice.

What is the travel requirement?  Home games are played in Orange and away games in neighboring cities.  Tournaments may be further away than regular season games.

What is the best way to stay current on Signature information?  Certainly team managers and coaches will share information that the club provides them.  Additionally, the club shares information directly with parents -- typically via e-mail -- and this website will continue to be updated.  

Lastly, if you have not already followed the Orange Junior Soccer Club Facebook and Instagram page, please be sure you do so.  It will help you stay current on all OJSC events.



For questions about the Strikers FC Orange club and teams, please email or call our Technical Director, Kevin Esparza 714-504-1759 


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